#2 - From an analysis of the past to the structuring of a successful international strategy


The French team was highly successful at the 2012 London Olympic Games. On 30 July 2012, while visiting the French Club at the London games, French President François Hollande appeared open to the prospect of a new French bid to organise the Summer Olympics.

François Hollande nevertheless handed the responsibility over to the French sports authorities:
«If the French sports movement gets itself organised, puts together a good bid and is capable of mobilising all our energies and drumming up enthusiasm across the country, we could organise the Games in 2024 (...). It is not for the State to take responsibility for this bid. It is for the sports movement (...).The role of the State and local authorities is to monitor, accompany and help but in no way to take the place of the sports movement. It is the sports movement that must be capable of winning this competition too

On 5 December 2012, Étienne Thobois officially submitted the report on French bids for the Olympic Games.

The Keneo Report, which was presented at INSEP in the presence of Denis Masseglia, President of CNOSF, Valérie Fourneyron, Minister for Sports, Guy Drut, member of the IOC for France, Bernard Lapasset, World Rugby Chairman, and a number of other French sporting personalities including Tony Estanguet, contained 16 proposals concerning the Olympic project’s vision, resources, leadership and the legibility of its pitch. It also recommended a reorganisation of international relations for French sport, entailing a reinforcement of the Olympic and sports movement...

The appeal hit home: that very day, Valérie Fourneyron announced that the CSI was being dissolved. The strategy of international sports relations was handed over, for the sports movement, to the French Committee Olympic and Sporting Committee, which in turn appointed Bernard Lapasset. The creation of the French Committee for International Sport (CFSI) was announced.

Bernard Lapasset and CFSI's roadmap comprised three key goals: to strengthen France's presence within international sports bodies, to promote transfers of expertise and know-how between France and other countries and to accompany the sports movement in its bids for major international events. To this aim, the Ministry put Tony Estanguet at the disposal of the French Committee for International Sport.


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